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Next Level Plowing

The Meyer Super-V3 brings next generation innovation to contractor-grade Vplows. Made for ¾-ton and larger trucks, it’s engineered with features designed to move more snow, faster and with more control. With its pistol grip controller and independently controlled wings, you can choose from a V, scoop or straight blade configuration with push-button ease. The Super-V3 gives you safer nighttime plowing with its standard Nite Saber® LED lights and features industry-leading ground clearance for better stacking and less bottoming out. Made of carbon steel, hook it up, and change the way you plow forever.


V, As In Versatile

The all-new Super-V3 features industry-leading ground clearance that lets you stack snow higher with less chance of bottoming out. Offering unmatched versatility, this plow comes standard with LED lights and Meyer’s exclusive one-button pistol grip controller and dual-acting locking cylinders giving you ultimate control, forward and back. The Super-V3 is here to take your capability to the next level.


Engineered For Industry-Leading Reliability

Meyer is dedicated to bringing you products you know you can rely on. That’s why Super-V3 plows are engineered and built with our Reliable Over-time Construction (ROC) system. ROC combines ongoing manufacturing improvements with state-of-the-art technology and stringent quality control procedures to deliver a more rugged and reliable product you and your business can count on.

Ease Of Use

On & Off. Easy & Fast.

Keeping you on the job is Job One at Meyer.  We've manufactured the Super-V3 to attach and detach in minutes with a simpler 2-plug electrical attachment. Once the Super-V3 is detached, your vehicle will have an off-the- assembly line appearance. And Meyer's free-standing jack stand allows you to adjust the V3's height on uneven or shifting surfaces, making on/off easy in any condition.

Fleet Friendly Operating System

The Super-V3 is fleet-friendly thanks to the Meyer Standard Operating System. You can interchange with straight moldboards and controllers in minutes giving you unlimited versatility within your fleet.


Get to know the Super-V3 plow. 


Quick Facts:

  • Type: Bottom-Trip

  • Vehicle: 3/4-ton trucks and larger

  • Construction: Steel

  • Part #:53650 Blade Type:Bottom Trip Moldboard Length:8' 6" Moldboard Height:29-1/2" to 38-1/4"
    Moldboard Gauge:12 ga Vertical Ribs:4 per wing Plow Trip Springs: Cutting Edge:1/2" x 6"
    Avg Width at Full Angle:88" Angling Rams:1-1/2" x 12" Weight Complete:954 lbs